Sunday, October 25, 2015

What's on YOUR list?

What a great article I found the other day on Huff Post Parents about the "things I've learned after three and a half decades of life".  And of those 35 reasons listed, I'm not sure I can truly choose my favorite.  They all truly are right on point.  One that stuck out though is #22-- which talks about Monday being just as important as Friday-- and that it's 1/7 of your life--don't waste it.  How true is that sentiment?!  How often do we "wait" all week for Friday--- allow the weekend to fly by--and already hate the week ahead as we approach Monday?  What if that's the last Monday you ever saw?  Wouldn't you want it to be the BEST MONDAY EVER?!  

#24-- HAVING A PHONE AFFAIR-- how did it resonate with you?  I admit, I spend WAY too much time glancing down at my phone to check all kinds of stuff--but in reality, what's the most important in my life is NOT on the phone...well, maybe just a hundred or so of their pictures.  

Check out the article here and challenge yourself to come up with your own "list".  I will challenge myself to come up with the "top 40" things I've learned in the 4 decades that I've been alive as I approach my 40th in just a few months.  I'll be back to update :)

Check out the HUFF POST article here

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