Friday, October 23, 2015

Potty train or not to potty train......

So who doesn't LOVE potty training??!!!  
Most moms...dads....daycare providers....the carseat....the bed....the washing machine.....oh, the couch....the carpeting....

The BIGGER question is what is the best method and WHEN to work it??  
For me, I think it truly depends on the age of the child and their personality type.  What motivates them?  Is training important to THEM or just important to YOU?  Just because YOU don't want to buy diapers anymore doesn't mean it's motivation enough for them to hault usage.  But I will be the first to say, bribery with M& the bomb diggity!  And almost every parent I talk to ends up at the bribery route and loved it.  So don't judge til you try it yourself.  

We personally did the 3 day method for our oldest son, however due to his dyspraxia and verbal apraxia, we didn't train him until just over 3 yrs old.  Not that we didn't try--but we weren't in the best daycare environment that was eager to "help" on their end.  Once we made the switch, it happened very quickly.  Of course, it wasn't "perfect"---and NOTHING will be 100% in only 3 days, but it was a start.  I'm not so sure that method would work for those who want to train at 18 months...but maybe....I'd love to hear from you!

I came across this great article (link below) about different methods--- take a look for yourself.  I highly recommend this BEST POTTY CHAIR EVER BY PRINCE LIONHEART (click for link to it).  It's a seat that goes on top of your toilet seat so no extra "chair" in the bathroom (great for those with tight spaces or who don't want to "dump" the contents.  Just get a little stool like those they sell at Ikea for a few bucks and voila--- instant potty chair.  And trust me--we tried 'em all.....froggy chairs....elmo chairs.....go diego go seats.... and this was a true winner.  So that's what I recommend to my friends =) 


prince lionheart potty chair

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