Saturday, July 27, 2013

Popcorn party!!!!

Do you really want to impress the kiddos?  Pop popcorn in a bag, in the microwave. 
Here's how it works:
  • All you need is one brown "lunch bag" size paper bag

  • Put about 1/4 cup of your favorite popping corn inside
  • Fold down the top a bit so it doesn't pop all over your microwave
  • Place in microwave---I use the "popcorn" button and listen for it to stop popping.

The kids are absolutely amazed that they get to make their own popcorn and can even eat it out of the bag if you'd like--just sprinkle with a bit of salt.  Otherwise, it pours out great in to a big bowl. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Big letters....little letters....learn learn learn

As a mom of two boys who LOVE to play cars, I found this to be a fun, interactive way for them to learn their letters --both capital and lowercase. 
--Foam board
--26 matchbox style cars
--dot stickers for the letters (or I used a label maker)
Be creative and have fun with this. 
I made "parking spaces" with capital letters and dotted some roads.  On the actual cars you will put the lowercase letters.  The GOAL is that they would match the lowercase and the uppercase. 
The kids have had a lot of fun with this.  In the larger spaces we have placed people, trucks, houses....whatever the day brings. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thoughts on Diagnosis Day

Boy, sometimes I truly don't know how "real" bloggers do it.  Where do they find the TIME to keep up with these things????  But I digress.....

So I just had to re-post something that was shared with me on another board for special needs mama's, like myself.  This truly brought me to tears, but not in a "bad" way as much as a "it's going to be ok" way. 

If you have a child who has special needs, take a look at this video---it's a great one!!

Please feel free to comment on this post and add some of your own feelings. 

Diagnosis Day--your thoughts 

Monday, April 15, 2013


In looking for a group to join of special needs moms in my area, I came upon this great posting on a blog about the REAL differences between "regular" moms vs those who have special needs kids, like myself.

My oldest son has speech apraxia with a very severe delay as well as sensory disorders and lastly, let's just call it "behaviorally challenged" for now.  I'm not in to labels, so honestly now sure how the "professionals" would label him today.  When you do the good-old fashioned google search he has a bit of them all, but nothing "black and white"--so waiting to post that label on him for a little while longer.  In comparing my two boys, I definitely am seeing signs that my youngest has sensory issues as well.

So on to the great stuff....

This posting really  made me laugh and smile this morning, when I really needed it.  Sometimes "regular" moms just don't "get" what us special needs moms go through on a day to day basis.  I know the grass is not always greener.  I also know though that having gone through what I have --and the millions of other moms of kids with special needs, that we also look at life differently.  We don't take things for granted like those might who have typical children.  Truly the small things make a HUGE difference in our world, both on a negative front as well as the positive.  When our child wakes up happy and doesn't have a complete meltdown before breakfast, I consider that a fabulous morning!  When I see my other child using words in the correct manner and appearing to develop "normally" in terms of language, I am ecstatic!!!    BUT when I have to remind my special needs child to put on his shoes eight times and then realize he's having a breakdown because he can't figure out the velcro, well--it's not such a great morning.

So check out this list....and see how the other half live....whichever half that may be for you!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

OH Red Red "Whine"

Dear Diary--Calgon.....take me away!!! 

So as I work in my home office I hear a "boom" and a "splat" and think "hmmmmm...." and then I hear the husband say "oh no...... no no......".  I know the kids are not home so I only have one assumption.....there is now a huge pile of RED matter all over my cream colored carpeting.

I know what you are thinking......why would a mother of two small boys have cream carpeting???
Oh weren't thinking that were you?  Is the red matter BLOOD?!   Nope. 

Why at 10:30 am it would be none other than gallons....and gallons of RED WINE!   My husband has been brewing a batch that he kept in the dining room while it was fermenting.  But somehow he claims it "slipped right off the table" and well..... all over my cream carpeting.  And I mean ALL.OVER.

So I stayed calm.  I knew taking a straw and trying to suck it up would only delay the process...and probably would be a little I got the carpet shampooer out only to figure out that this thing didn't have enough power to combat this mess.

Quickly googling 'how to remove red wine from carpeting' I found so many different ideas.  Of course the answers my husband found were opposite of mine.  So we went with my ideas---- borax, white wine and salt...and scrubbed and pasted.  It's drying now. 

And my husband is out purchasing paint to cover the red wine stains all over the white wall.  AND pricing carpeting.  Sure, I've asked for new carpeting for another room for two years and after only ONE spill from him in a room with perfect carpet, it's about to be replaced.  Momma thinks she's going to finally get her 'new' carpeting in the family room kids!  Funny how things work.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cheap and easy way to decorate kids rooms!

So I find that every week my oldest son is in to something different when it comes to his bedroom.  First it was cars, then fire engines, then spiderman and now seems to be any action hero.  I found that using removable stickers are a great way to change up the decor quickly and more importantly, CHEAPLY.  Here is an easy to use bedroom decor (even a kid can do it!) that is definitely worth checking out.  We've had quite a few different ones over the last couple of years and they work great.   Super easy to apply--and the kids can move them around the room if they wish (all by themselves).  

Monday, February 25, 2013

FUN way to learning letters....numbers....sight words (oh my!)

My 4 year old is currently learning his alphabet and I have a great game that is very interactive, fun and gives them a little "edible treat"--which of course both of the boys love.  It's actually a great way for my 21 month old to begin learning his letters as well.

So here is what you need:
Plastic cups
Dry-erase marker  (if all you have is a sharpee you can use that along with a "magic eraser" to wipe it off OR you can actually just use stickers/masking tape with the letters written on them)
Treats (I used M&Ms, but stickers can even be used)

Yup--it's THAT easy!!!


  • Take 3 cups and draw ONE letter on each
  • Put a treat (like an M&M) under ONE of the cups (don't let your little one see which cup though)
  • Let your little one "guess" which cup it's under by SAYING the letter.  Once they get the letter right, they can lift up the cup.  The best part is they can keep trying until they "win".
  • Wipe off the letters and start with new letters
  • This can also be done with numbers and sight words
Have fun!!

I hope to post a picture soon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year--new post.....

So I seriously suck at this blogging thing.  BUT as in the title, this is the true reality of being a "me" time.  I'm really going to try much harder to make more time for "me" this year....2013.  By the way, Happy New Year to all!!

So I'm going to make some resolutions for myself that I'm sure to keep:

  1.  Losing Weight.  
  • Sure, I can do it just like all the rest.  I'm not saying I won't gain in right back--but I can certainly lose it.  No.  Really though--I want to go from Flabulous to Fabulous in 2013.  Not quite sure how I am going to make that happen yet, although I did get a Wii for Christmas along with the Zumba workout.  
2.  Tell him what he THINKS he wants to hear.  
  • So the dear husband always tells me that I need to TELL him what I want--as in giving me help with things around the house, etc etc.  Although I've had this conversation several times and have even made up cute little index cards to help give visuals to the tasks that are needed around the house, I will make his wish part of my resolution and be very upfront and honest with him.  I'm sure he's going to love it!
3.  Drink more.
  • Beer.....water.....whatever.   One makes mommy happy, the other makes the body happy.  We'll split the difference.  
4.  Play more.
  • As in lottery.  SOMEONE has to win, right?  Sure, I played a handful of times throughout 2012--mainly when the stakes were high.  But this mama is going to play hard in 2013 and like most Americans, hang on to the dreams of winning big.  What would YOU do with your winnings?  

I think that's about all for now.  Hooray for my first post of 2013!!!   Perhaps I'll see ya again in about 3-4 months.  (kidding, I hope!  I really need to get better at this.)