Thursday, October 22, 2015

Poison control anyone??

The day started out by calling poison control about 15 minutes before I would be taking my oldest son to school.  NOT exactly how I planned my day.  But thankfully all was ok, however I kept him home from school since I wanted to keep an eye on him and didn't know what the extra dosage of medication might do later in the day.  It was also one of those moments that make you realize that it could all be gone in an instant.

The day was actually WONDERFUL!  I got special, very much needed one on one time with my oldest while my toddler was in preschool and then later on got one on one time with my toddler who told me "it was the best day ever"!  

So wonderful that I found this poem later in the day--a great reminder that I needed to hear since today I didn't get much done on my "to do" list, although it was a mile long...and that was totally ok.  Somehow I'm at peace for once, even the the floors desperately need cleaned.  

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