Monday, April 15, 2013


In looking for a group to join of special needs moms in my area, I came upon this great posting on a blog about the REAL differences between "regular" moms vs those who have special needs kids, like myself.

My oldest son has speech apraxia with a very severe delay as well as sensory disorders and lastly, let's just call it "behaviorally challenged" for now.  I'm not in to labels, so honestly now sure how the "professionals" would label him today.  When you do the good-old fashioned google search he has a bit of them all, but nothing "black and white"--so waiting to post that label on him for a little while longer.  In comparing my two boys, I definitely am seeing signs that my youngest has sensory issues as well.

So on to the great stuff....

This posting really  made me laugh and smile this morning, when I really needed it.  Sometimes "regular" moms just don't "get" what us special needs moms go through on a day to day basis.  I know the grass is not always greener.  I also know though that having gone through what I have --and the millions of other moms of kids with special needs, that we also look at life differently.  We don't take things for granted like those might who have typical children.  Truly the small things make a HUGE difference in our world, both on a negative front as well as the positive.  When our child wakes up happy and doesn't have a complete meltdown before breakfast, I consider that a fabulous morning!  When I see my other child using words in the correct manner and appearing to develop "normally" in terms of language, I am ecstatic!!!    BUT when I have to remind my special needs child to put on his shoes eight times and then realize he's having a breakdown because he can't figure out the velcro, well--it's not such a great morning.

So check out this list....and see how the other half live....whichever half that may be for you!