Monday, October 26, 2015

Cooking for two...three...four....or more!

As we begin this week, it's time to work on "dinners".  Whether you are a mommy or not, life is hectic and no one truly has the time they WANT in the kitchen.

Here is a post I made a while back about cooking one main ingredient but getting a few meals out of it.  Truly the way to go!
cooking for two...meals and it talks about creating just a couple of meals out of chicken breasts that I slow cooked.  But in reality, there is SO much more you can make.

From cooking a few pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts in the slow cooker on low for about 7 hours, you can easily make the following:

MONDAY:  Chicken tacos (crispy, soft, however you like....)
TUESDAY:  Chicken taco salads (you can make your own shells using large fajita shells on a taco shell molding pan).  This time I add in avocado, black olives, salsa...and make a little "bar" that the kids can choose their own toppings.  They love it!
WEDNESDAY:  Chicken Enchiladas (I have used a few from and they've all been successful).  a winner from for chicken enchiladas
THURSDAY:  Chicken Pitas  (just buy pitas from the store if you don't want to make your own and steam up cut tomatoes, similar to what you would get with this dish at a restaurant).  Here's my recipe for raita:
--1/2 cup of plain fat free yogurt
--peeled/seeded and shredded cucumber
--very thinly sliced onion
--1 tbsp of lime juice
--about a 1/4 tsp of cumin
Refrigerate for at least an hour or so for the flavors to "mesh"

FRIDAY:  Chicken Tortilla soup (great slow cooker meal)--recipe in post link above
SATURDAY:  Chicken quesadilla  (grab a couple of tortillas--spray the pan with oil and get it hot--put a tortilla on--add chicken/cheese/etc--add another tortilla on top-- cook--flip--voila!  Great to dip in guacamole or sour cream.  The kids will love it, too!

As you can see, the list is endless.
Here is another great article about using the slowcooker weekly from Passionate Penny Pincher.
reasons to use your slow cooker weekly by article

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