Sunday, September 9, 2012

At what point....

So at what point do we as "moms" go from wearing cute two-piece swimsuits to wearing sensible "tankini" style swimsuits that showcase a skirted bottom in lieu of the traditional bikini?  

THAT was the realization I recently made while my husband and I took the boys to a waterpark.  I was looking at other guests relaxing with adult beverages and bikinis that didn't leave much to the imagination when I looked down at my own attire thinking, "when did this happen??!"  That used to be ME.  Thirty pounds thinner and with a much higher chest.  When I looked around the waterpark, I found that there was an entire club of swim-skirt wearing moms.  The segregation was amazing. 

But although I miss that body I once had, the trade-in to a skirted "mom" swimsuit is something I would never undo.  I love my children more than life itself.  Sure, my abs will never be what they once were, and I have lumps and bumps where I never knew I could.  But it's the body that God gave me and I'm trying each day to love it.  No....not enough to wear a bikini --but enough to not wear a moo-moo.  In public.  Now the sweats....I can't give THOSE up.

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