Thursday, February 28, 2013

OH Red Red "Whine"

Dear Diary--Calgon.....take me away!!! 

So as I work in my home office I hear a "boom" and a "splat" and think "hmmmmm...." and then I hear the husband say "oh no...... no no......".  I know the kids are not home so I only have one assumption.....there is now a huge pile of RED matter all over my cream colored carpeting.

I know what you are thinking......why would a mother of two small boys have cream carpeting???
Oh weren't thinking that were you?  Is the red matter BLOOD?!   Nope. 

Why at 10:30 am it would be none other than gallons....and gallons of RED WINE!   My husband has been brewing a batch that he kept in the dining room while it was fermenting.  But somehow he claims it "slipped right off the table" and well..... all over my cream carpeting.  And I mean ALL.OVER.

So I stayed calm.  I knew taking a straw and trying to suck it up would only delay the process...and probably would be a little I got the carpet shampooer out only to figure out that this thing didn't have enough power to combat this mess.

Quickly googling 'how to remove red wine from carpeting' I found so many different ideas.  Of course the answers my husband found were opposite of mine.  So we went with my ideas---- borax, white wine and salt...and scrubbed and pasted.  It's drying now. 

And my husband is out purchasing paint to cover the red wine stains all over the white wall.  AND pricing carpeting.  Sure, I've asked for new carpeting for another room for two years and after only ONE spill from him in a room with perfect carpet, it's about to be replaced.  Momma thinks she's going to finally get her 'new' carpeting in the family room kids!  Funny how things work.

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