Monday, February 25, 2013

FUN way to learning letters....numbers....sight words (oh my!)

My 4 year old is currently learning his alphabet and I have a great game that is very interactive, fun and gives them a little "edible treat"--which of course both of the boys love.  It's actually a great way for my 21 month old to begin learning his letters as well.

So here is what you need:
Plastic cups
Dry-erase marker  (if all you have is a sharpee you can use that along with a "magic eraser" to wipe it off OR you can actually just use stickers/masking tape with the letters written on them)
Treats (I used M&Ms, but stickers can even be used)

Yup--it's THAT easy!!!


  • Take 3 cups and draw ONE letter on each
  • Put a treat (like an M&M) under ONE of the cups (don't let your little one see which cup though)
  • Let your little one "guess" which cup it's under by SAYING the letter.  Once they get the letter right, they can lift up the cup.  The best part is they can keep trying until they "win".
  • Wipe off the letters and start with new letters
  • This can also be done with numbers and sight words
Have fun!!

I hope to post a picture soon.

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